3 Steps to Creating Irresistible Healthcare Marketing Offers

“Yes” is one of the most powerful words in the human language. Getting people to say “yes” to your online offers is a strong step in the sales funnel of getting the ultimate “yes” to your services.

An offer is a piece of content that is perceived high in value — an eBook, whitepaper, free consultation, coupon, product demonstration. When an offer is exclusive, scarce, or in high demand, it becomes more desirable. Whether they are guides, quizzes, checklists, or offers for free consultations, these irresistible pieces of content position your business as a trusted resource and can create awareness of a problem, possible solutions, and ultimately build a trusting relationship with leads before you ever meet them face to face.

These elements work because they trigger a physiological reaction that makes an offer more valuable. People need to perceive the value of your offer to be greater than what you’re asking for in return. The higher the perception of value, the more irresistible the offer.

So how do you create irresistible offers?

1. Understand the Marketing Funnel

The first step to creating irresistible offers is understanding your buyer’s journey. Most customers don’t purchase a product without first being convinced that they’re making a good investment, that they trust the company they’re buying from, and that the risk is relatively low.

This is what the marketing funnel does — it takes your potential customers through the whole journey from discovering your business all the way to purchasing your products on a regular basis.

At the top of the funnel, there is a large pool of potential customers who will become aware of your brand through your blog or through an interview you gave on YouTube. Your mission as a marketer is to guide potential customers through the funnel until they become frequent buyers of your products.

Here’s a look at the six stages of the buyer’s journey and the three layers they fit within:

Lead Generation

  • Awareness: Potential leads are searching online for information. They are aware a problem exists that they would like to solve.

Lead Nurture

  • Interest: Potential leads have identified possible solutions to their problems and begin researching specific solutions.

  • Consideration: Potential leads identify how they will narrow down their options, the pros and cons of various solutions, and which businesses they’d like to consider.


  • Intent: Potential leads become leads for your business by expressing an interest to know more about you and what you offer.

  • Evaluation: Leads narrow down their potential solutions and identify the most appealing solution to their problem.

  • Purchase: Leads become customers.

2. Know Your Audience

Before you can create invaluable content that helps navigate potential leads through the marketing funnel, you need to develop a clear understanding of the problems your potential future customers are trying to solve and what they are researching online.

Whether creating a piece of content that creates awareness for a problem your potential customer might not even realize exists, content that builds awareness for solutions they hadn’t considered exist, or content that highlights solutions, great content creation begins with knowing what problems bring them online to do research.

Buyer personas allow you to have a clear understanding of the challenges, fears, goals, and potential solutions your leads might be looking for. Build customer-centric content that you know will resonate with your target audience.

3. Create Offers for Different Buying Stages

One of the most common offers on websites is “Contact Us.” Sure, you want all your prospects to talk to you directly, so you can make that first voice to voice contact. But most of your website visitors aren’t ready for that step the first time they visit your website.

Actually, it can take as many as seven website visits before leads take action on a “bottom-of-funnel” offer, such as speaking with a salesperson for the first time.

The way people buy online has dramatically changed. Buyers like to do their own research before engaging with someone at your business. And every prospect is at a different stage of exploration. Some may need more education than others. That’s why it’s important to develop different offers that focus on different parts of the marketing funnel.

Someone at the beginning of the buyer’s journey may be more interested in an informational piece, such as a guide or eBook where the focus is on problems and/or solutions — not your company. On the other hand, someone who has a clear understanding of the potential solutions they may be looking for might be ready to speak with someone directly or to schedule a first appointment with you. You don’t need to pick and choose. Create offers for each phase and include a primary and secondary call to action for these offers on various pages throughout your site.

Creating great offers can reduce your cost-per-lead while delivering higher quality prospects to your sales team, but these tips are just the beginning. 

Lead Generation


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