5 Best Practices for Social Media Content Marketing

You spend all day researching, writing, and analyzing a piece of content you’re proud of. However, you start to wonder just exactly how this piece will perform: How much engagement will your masterpiece generate? Will it be shared? Will someone leave a comment? Will it even be seen by your target audience?

Posting on social media may seem easy, but getting people to engage with your content and keep them coming back for more is what really counts. Here are five best practices for promoting your content on social media:


A common mistake when posting content to your social channels is posting the same content to all channels and expecting it to perform. You may be asking yourself, how exactly do you know how to pick the correct platform for your content? Sure, Facebook has over 1.25 billion users, Twitter has more than 255 million users, and LinkedIn has over 185 million users, but different social channels have different audiences seeking different information. Track which pieces of content perform well on which social channels.


Compelling headlines are the first step in generating engagement with social posts. They are what generates curiosity about the content you are posting. When writing a headline, incorporate numbers, interesting adjectives, or a unique perspective. Be willing to take calculated risks by opposing a popular viewpoint.


Which brings us to our next best practice — using keywords. Keywords can be broken into two categories: long or short-tail keywords.

Long-tail keywords are keyword phrases that are longer than three words. Long-tail keywords allow you to target specific search queries those perusing online might look for. Short-tail keywords assist with your overall SEO strategy.

Using keywords both in the headline, as well as the body of the content (without unnecessarily overusing keywords), will increase the likelihood your posts on social media get found organically. It also helps Google understand what type of content you have created.


Effective visuals pack a serious punch when it comes to upping your engagement. With less than 3 seconds to capture the interest of those cruising social channels, visuals can be an effective way of grabbing attention. Studies have proven that the human brain processes visuals faster. Add a relevant image, infographic, or video to your content and watch your social engagement increase.


Over the past few years, hashtags have been increasing in popularity across social media platforms, but many marketers who are new to social media question just how important hashtags are. Do they have a purpose? Are hashtags professional? The answer is yes.

Hashtags have the ability to increase brand awareness. Once you add a hashtag to a social media post, it allows users who aren’t currently following you to access the post by searching for specific hashtags. The number of hashtags to use on each social platform varies.

According to Buffer Social, you should use one to two hashtags on Twitter but 11+ hashtags on an Instagram post. If used appropriately, hashtags increase the likelihood of your content getting found, similar to the way keywords are used.

Promoting engagement through social media channels requires research, analyzing, and crafting your content through choosing appropriate platforms, headlines, visuals, keywords, and hashtags. Use these five best practices to help engage and promote content on social media.

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