5 Ways to Use Email Marketing for Senior Living

If you think email marketing isn’t an effective marketing tool, you’re just not doing it right.

Email is one of the most powerful, efficient, and cost-effective ways to establish and nurture more personal relationships with leads and customers, generating $38 for every $1 spent. The key is to deliver customized content based on the recipient’s interests and needs. Here are five ways to do that.

1. Influencer Email Marketing

In the world of senior living, influencers could be geriatric physicians, cardiologists, physical therapists, local country clubs, members of your local chamber of commerce, or financial advisers. Develop a list of influencer contacts and their email addresses, and send them a weekly or monthly email with educational information they might want to share with their patients or customers — and your target audience.

For example, you might send an email to physicians with a guide to how to approach the topic of assisted living with their patients. Not only can it help them better serve their patients, but it can also inspire them to work with your senior living organization or share your content with your target audience, enhancing brand awareness and, ultimately, boosting conversions.


2. Pre-tour Email Marketing

Emails aren’t just about promoting your senior living organization. Your email campaigns should answer questions and provide subscribers with content that helps them on their buyer journey and nurtures them through the sales funnel. A good rule of thumb is to send two to three emails to your prospects in a lead nurturing campaign.

For example, you might send prospective residents and families who haven’t requested a tour with your community a guide that answers common questions they might have before they visit a senior living community. If the prospect opens the email but doesn’t request a tour, you might follow up with an email featuring five steps to take when you need assisted living, such as going on a tour of potential communities.

With marketing automation, you can set up much of this process to be automated through email nurturing workflows. But just because it’s automated doesn’t mean it should be robotic. Automated email marketing allows you to personalize emails in the subject line and send tailored messages to recipients — which leads to a 26 percent higher email open rate and increases revenue by 760 percent.


3. Post-tour Email Marketing

For prospective families who have gone on tours of your community, create another email lead nurturing campaign that gives them valuable reasons to choose your community.

For example, you might create a blog post that features stories from residents about what assisted living is really like or from families of residents living at your community. The follow-up email could include a collection of stories from families whose caregiving challenges were eliminated after their parents moved into your assisted living community.

Another option could be a lifestyle guide outlining the professional services and community offerings for seniors considering a relocation to the city in which your senior living community resides.


4. Monthly eNewsletters

For prospects who aren’t ready to make a decision yet or who have cooled off, target them with re-engagement campaigns. Send them a monthly eNewsletter that provides a mix of good information, news, and special offers.

For example, share your latest blog post, include information about public events at your community, and mention any move-in discounts or special rates. Keep in mind your main focus should be using your emails to nurture your relationship with your prospect, so keep offers and sales pitches to a minimum.


5. Customer Email Marketing  

Speaking of monthly eNewsletters, if someone converts to a customer, use email marketing to continue building trust, establishing credibility, and creating lasting relationships. This shows your residents and their families that they matter to your senior living organization.

For example, send an email that highlights the great things going on in your communities and encourage them to leave a review or refer a friend. Residents and friends will appreciate your communication with them through informative, engaging, and personable emails.

Keep in mind, it’s just as important to tailor messages to your existing audience as it is with prospective customers. It’s critical to show leads and customers that you know who they are and provide content and information that is relevant to them.

Email is still the easiest way to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time — and with an astounding 3,800 percent ROI, it is one of the most effective options, too.

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