Content Marketing Versus Traditional Marketing: What's the Difference?

Marketing's goal has always been to generate more leads.  While both traditional marketing and content marketing have a role in today's lead generation strategy, both have very different approaches.  Here are three ways that content marketing and traditional marketing differ:

1.  Attracting versus Interrupting:  Traditional Marketing is interruptive.  It uses channels like radio, television and newspaper to push a message out.  Content marketing focuses on attracting relevant audiences by creating free materials like eBooks, white papers, infographics, social media posts and videos that can be used on the internet. 

2.  Product and Service Promotion/Brand Awareness versus Educating the Buyer:  Traditional marketing typically focuses on promoting products, services or the brand, whereas content marketing couples education with brand awareness to help consumers make educated decisions. 

3.  Generalized versus Personalized:  Traditional marketing typically identifies a generalized message that will reach a large target audience.  Content marketing identifies messages that target segments within a target audience through buyer personas. 

A solid marketing strategy typically blends inbound and traditional marketing strategies.  Understanding the value and purpose of content marketing versus traditional marketing can allow you to evolve your marketing strategy to one that focuses on generating leads through multiple channels. 

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