How to Use Content in the Sales Process

You know how it’s always worked: Marketing generates leads. Sales closes them. But how well is that siloed approach working for you?

What if instead you used content to enable sales?

Maybe you’re thinking that you already have some pretty good content that your sales development reps created. Or perhaps you’re not even sure where to find the content your marketing team creates, or you know where it is, but you simply don’t have the time to dig it up.

Well, it’s time to make time because content is one of your sales team’s best tools.

Why Content Is an Important Sales Tool

With lengthy sales cycles, small potential prospect pools, higher purchase prices, and multiple decision-makers, senior living sales is complex. To address each of those obstacles requires multiple touchpoints with prospects to educate, consult, and address objections.

But people want more than just your pretty sales sheets. They want educational information — blogs, checklists, guides — that help them understand the process, make decisions, and, in general, feel better about making the move to senior living.

Content that effectively answers pressing questions seniors and their families have when they’re deciding whether to move to a senior living community and conveys how your services will fulfill their needs can significantly shorten your sales cycle, provide more qualified leads, and boost occupancy rates.

Why? Because education trumps the hard sell. Every time.


How Content Builds Relationships Throughout the Sales Cycle

Choosing the right community is an incredibly important decision for your prospects. Rather than being pushy and aggressively trying to move seniors and their families to the next stage of the funnel, focus on building relationships with these families during what is often a challenging time.

Successful senior living sales team are realizing that developing relationships is the new way to sell senior living — and content that is tailored and relevant and that incorporates insightful research and educational information, along with supporting evidence for your senior living organization, is going to be what helps you build those relationships.

Use your content as a way to build trust and consistently provide value to your visitors and solve their problems. That way when the time comes to sign on the dotted line, there will be little hesitation.


How to Match Content to the Sales Cycle

Content can generate site traffic, convert traffic to leads, nurture leads, convert leads to sales interests, and nurture sales leads to customers. The key is to match content to every phase in the sales cycle.

As you start matching content type to stage, the results might look something like this:

● Awareness: Educational information like blog posts, infographics, and short videos that help prospects recognize a problem or understand a problem, such as a blog post on how to talk to aging parents about giving up driving

● Consideration: How-to guides, quizzes, email newsletters that help prospects understand their potential solutions, such as a “Can I Afford Assisted Living” quiz

● Evaluation: X vs. Y content, customer stories, case studies, and email marketing that helps prospects differentiate between their options, understand the pros and cons, and learn how to make an educated decision, such as a guide to how to decide between home care and assisted living

● Intent: Now that the prospect is ready to speak with a salesperson, pre-tour and post-tour email marketing that helps convert prospects to tour appointments

● Decision: Fact sheets, customer stories, brochures, and brand videos that resolve any remaining concerns and reinforce the buyer’s decision, such as a community relocation guide for seniors

As you begin to build your content framework, sales can help marketing develop content that addresses the objections, problems, and questions they hear every day.

Just think about all the questions people ask you on a regular basis. Consider how much time you could free up if you had content that spoke to those questions. Then you could focus your limited time on actually selling to the people who are ready to buy.

By delivering the right content to the right people at the right time during both the marketing and sales processes, you’ll build a bridge of trust between your senior living organization and your prospects. And that’s how you generate leads and keep occupancy high.

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