Sales Enablement Tools:  Getting started with using Sales Email Templates

Sales email templates can be one of the most important sales enablement tools in the sales toolbox. With increased pressure to perform and prospects that are more challenging than ever, email has become a necessary way of communication in prospect nurturing. Unfortunately, few sales professionals have received training on email marketing and have been left to their own devices. The result? Poor open rates, poor click-through rates, and poor results from email communications. Let’s take a look at what a sales email template is, how to build sales email templates and considerations when building sales email templates.

What is a sales email template?

A sales email template is a pre-crafted email communication that is usually stored in the customer relationship management system (however other tools can be utilized to house sales email templates as well). There are several benefits to having sales email templates:

  1. Sales reps don’t have to re-write the same email over and over again: Typically buyers have similar questions depending on the stage of the sales process they are at. Questions might include, how much does it cost? Why is your pricing structure different than X competitor? Why have customers chosen to buy from you? A sales email template can answer one of the many questions a buyer has. When built into a customer relationship management system, sales email templates increase adoption now that the tool is more than just a place to store notes and activities.

  2. Customization: Sales reps can still customize a sales email template to add in information specific to the intended recipient without spending a lot of time answering the same question that’s been answered many times before.

  3. It creates measurability in sending sales emails: Many organizations don’t measure email effective within their sales operation. With much communication today being done digitally, this allows you to identify effectiveness of email strategies, as well as allows you to keep your finger on the pulse of the most important topics your prospects are interested in before buying from you.

How to build sales email templates

Having built sales email templates for many of the clients we work with, here is the process we recommend:

  1. Begins with sales rep interviews. From these interviews, you can discern what topics they are spending a majority of their time discussing and sending in email communications.

  2. Take into consideration the buyer’s journey and common questions they ask as they move down the road to a purchase decision. Effective follow up requires sending messages that are personalized to your buyer, and provide relevant information based on where they are in the buyer’s journey. Create a sales process map that maps out all of the useful email templates your organization could create and where in the buyer’s journey those emails might be most relevant.

  3. Interviews with customers to determine what topics were top of mind for them as they considered purchasing from you or others. They have the best insight as to the questions they had as they were evaluating their options.

Creating sales email templates also provides an opportunity to further align your sales and marketing operation. Your marketing department can support you with the technical aspects of email marketing, such as optimizing the subject line for increased open rates and ensuring the message within the email is customer-centric. Marketing can also help you ensure that the template doesn’t create formatting issues and can be viewed on any device.

Lastly, don’t forget to measure the success of your email templates. If an email template isn’t getting opened often, consider changing the subject line. If an email template is being opened, but doesn’t lead to conversion of an appointment, assess the content and copy of the email. Remember that the goal is not to just get your prospect to read your email, but to get them to act upon your call to action within it.

Considerations for using Sales Email Templates

Implementing sales email templates for the first time will require some foundational training. Not only how to access them, customize them and send them, but specifically teaching sales reps why sales email templates will create effective communications that prospects want to read. Another important aspect of training is to ensure sales reps know how to customize their messages within the sales email templates. Sales email templates aren’t scripts.

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