The Benefits of Sales Email Templates

A sales email template is a pre-written sales email that can be used for prospecting, following up or other various sales email communications with prospects.  While some are concerned that sales email templates can become "robotic" communications, the reality is that using sales email templates allows sales professionals to focus on the individual message they want the prospect to receive, rather than reinventing the wheel.  Here are four benefits of having sales email templates:

1) Save sales reps time:  Rather than drafting the same email multiple times, sales email templates put carefully cratfted and contextual messages right in front of you, allowing you to focus on personalization of the message, rather than re-writing information you have shared with others.

2) It ensures that every email communication sent is meaningful.  Let's face it, sometimes time runs short, and in an effort to quickly follow up with a prospect you've been working with, email communications can be put on the back burner.  The end result is falling back on a "just checking in" email, or worse, an email that is all about you, rather than the buyer.  A well written email can mean the difference between wheter your message gets deleted without reading, or the first message they open.

3)  It provides another vehicle for useful content within your organization.  Objections are common in sales.  How often have you moved through the sales process without a single no?  Likely rarely.  While the sales person is expected to to verbally provide solutions to prospect problems, email communications that have useful checklists, quizzes or guides that help the buyer eliminate barriers while trying to make a decision are invaluable. 

4) It creates measurability of email practices within your sales process.  Utilizing sales email templates also opens up the opportunity to measure what resonates with prospects, and what isn't making the impact you had thought it would.  Using sales email templates allow you to identify the most common topics your sales reps are communicating about by email and identify what additional strategies, tactics or content supports the buyer's journey to increase velocity of the sales cycle.  Much like email marketing, email open rates and conversion can be measured with sales email templates.

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