How to Increase Open Rates Using Sales Email Templates in your CRM

The world of sales has dramatically evolved.  Sending email communications that don't get deleted has become the primary focus of marketing and sales operations.  With over 70% of people making purchasing decisions to solve a problem the key to increasing open rates is to provide valuable, relevant information your intended recipient wants to read.  Here are three ways to increase email open rates:

1.  Be sure it says the sender is you.  Unless set up correctly, receiving an email that is "on behalf of" is an instant red flag that the email was sent through an automated system and instantly decreases your chances of having the email opened. 

2.  Your subject line should be compelling.  The sender and the subject of an email are the first two things your reader will assess when deciding whether to read or delete your message.  Take these two subject lines for example:

Just Checking In

A Checklist to Help with Narrowing Down your Options

Which of these two emails would you be more likely to open? 

3.  The content should be relevant and helpful.  If you have done your due diligence in discovery, you should know what questions and thoughts are top of mind for your potential customer.  Are they wondering how to afford your product or services?  Are they overwhelmed with options and not sure how to narrow them down?  Are there multiple decision makers who can't agree on the ideal solution?  Identify what content would be of interest and build your library of sales email templates around that.

4.  Ensure your emails are mobile responsive.   Let's be honest, email communications that aren't mobile responsive will likely get deleted or sent to a folder for reading later (which happens rarely).

In addition to creating great email templates, these email templates should be housed in your customer relationship management system (CRM).  Doing so prevents sales reps from having to manually log email activity, as well as copy and pasting the contents of the email into your CRM (which rarely happens). 

Ready to learn more about creating a sales email template library for your sales operation today?  Schedule your free 30 minute consultation to learn more today.

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