What is Content Marketing?

With buyer behavior changing, the way in which we reach potential customers has too.  In fact, 70-90% of the buyer's journey is complete before they ever even reach a sales person.  Long gone are the days of interruptive marketing.  Smart marketers know that the key to successful marketing is making yourself relevant in the buyer's journey.  Enter the era of content marketing.  Content marketing is the creation, optimization and promotion of relevant, purposeful content.  Content covers everything from website copy, eBooks, white papers, blogs, articles, checklists, quizzes, infographics and videos. 

Content can be used to:

  • Increase traffic to your website

  • Generate leads

  • Nurture leads

  • Engage customers

  • Engage prospects or businesses while selling

Content marketing has several benefits such as:

  • Boosting search engine rankings

  • Generating more traffic for your website 

  • Converting website visitors to leads

  • Positioning your company as a thought leader

  • Creating loyal customers

There are three key elements to a high-performing content marketing program.

1. A clear understanding of the buyer:   A customer-centric strategy first develops buyer personas.  From the buyer personas, you can identify relevant types of content, topics that will interest those doing research online,  a long-tail keyword strategy, and a plan for distribution and promotion of key content.  Strategy should always come before tactics.  Be cautious of agencies that quickly jump to creating content without a solid strategy in place. 

2. Clearly defined conversion goals:  Whether the strategy deployed is first focused on increasing website traffic, or focused on generating more leads, clearly defined goals, are key.  Agile marketing adjusts based on what the data tells you.  A data-driven approach is one of the biggest differences you will notice as compared to traditional marketing tactics. 

3. A repeatable, scalable process for content distribution and promotion:  This covers everything from repurposing content on LinkedIn, to promotion of content on other social channels (like Facebook or Twitter), as well as when to use paid advertising to boost awareness your relevant, useful, purposeful piece of content exists. 

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