Why Sales Training Programs at Elite Business Systems?

From social selling (leveraging social media to prospect), to creating a customized sales process, to creating tools like sales email templates, our suite of sales training programs were designed with your brand and your customer in mind. Having trained sales professionals across the United States, here are four secrets to our sales training program success.

1)  Research and data are key to creating a strategic plan that should drive your sales training program.  Our onboarding process includes a full review of the current state of your sales operation.  Everything from your hiring practices to technology used, current sales training programs, and metrics you measure are reviewed.  We develop a deep understanding of your business so we can customize a sales training program that meets the aspirations of your brand and your sales goals.  Beyond understanding your business, customer interviews allow us to develop a deep understanding of the most desirable customer experience, leading us to build a customer-centric sales training program that sets you apart and delivers exactly what they want. 

2) We leverage technology to enable your sales operation.  While many sales training programs focus on specific sales skills, we incorporate use of technology into our programs.  Whether it be creating sales email templates within your customer relationship management system (CRM) or identifying marketing automation workflows that allow your sales professionals to stay focused on those still actively in the buying process, we identify efficiencies that make a difference in overall performance of the sales operation.  Our experience with technology has also allowed us to consult on implementing CRMs or marketing automation for clients that hadn't previously had this available.  Sometimes, simply looking at how increased adoption of existing technology to ensure measurability of sales strategy and tactics is key. 

3) Sales training programs and sales process are married to each other.  Whether we are creating a sales process map (visual representation of your sales process), or looking for missed opportunities for sales engagement, we believe your sales process should drive the sales training program.  Don't have a sales process in place?  No problem!  We can help you build a customized and branded sales process. 

4) One size does not fit all.  At Elite you won't find packages for our sales training programs.  Instead, we assess your needs and your budget and create a customized training program proposal for you. 

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